Social Media Campaigns

Extension is using social media as a tool to spread educational messages that are quick and easy to digest. You can see these topical posts on our social media feeds, or find direct links to each post in this directory to share them to your own social media. For more comprehensive detailed guides, see CES Publications.

Mental Health Icon

Mental Health Resources

Learn and share mental health maintenance strategies developed by NMSU Extension.

Image of wildfire

Wildfire Recovery

Share these social media messages to help promote Extension’s efforts to aid in wildfire recovery.

Don't Wash Your Chicken banner image

Don't Wash Your Chicken!

This educational campaign teaches the public about the dangers of rinsing raw poultry and to directly address the most common misconceptions about poultry food safety.

Image from Microgreens website

All About Microgreens

This campaign educates consumers and home-growers about the differences between sprouts and microgreens, and promotes washing microgreens, which research says is the safest way to eat them.

Excite Project Logo

EXCITE Project

Shareable videos and images created for a public interest campaign geared towards migrant and seasonal farmworkers in southern New Mexico.